Marine Big Data Center

Marine data plays an increasingly important role in promoting the development of marine science and technology in an information era. Based on ultra-high-resolution earth system model, Marine Big Data Center in Institute for Advanced Ocean Study combines multiple subjects and integrates marine data featuring in large capacity, diverse sources, multi-type and multi-structure. As a result, it aims to solve many challenging issues such as marine big data fragmentation and information isolation.

Big Data Center also seeks to create a marine big data application technology innovation platform through researching and developing technologies such as ocean multi-source information detection and storage management, wide-area dynamic information integration and understanding, multiplanar reconstruction and visual computing, associated knowledge mining and application.

Big data center focuses on the distinct feature of spatiotemporal coupling and geographical association in marine big data and takes a priority to improve data acquisition, analysis and application. Eventually, it aims to achieve transparency of marine information in both time and space, providing an essential underpinning for country’s transparent ocean strategy and enhancing the core competitiveness in marine field.