Academy of the Future Ocean (AFO)      

The oceans, which cover more than two thirds of the Earth's surface, play a key role in achieving the future sustainable development of the Community of Human Destiny.  It is our historical mission to care for the oceans, to know them, to make contributions to the common creation of a better future for mankind. 

Academy of the Future Ocean (AFO, in Ocean University of China (OUC) is a new entity for cultivating outstanding graduate students and an important part of the comprehensive reform of graduate education, relying on the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study (IAOS). The Academy, with an aim to train future academic leaders and world-class scientists in marine science and technology with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research and education combination, benefits from the participation of leading researchers and educators in the relevant fields worldwide and provides the best venue for students to pursue their research interests as well as advance their education.

In accordance with the graduate training plan of uniting master’s and doctoral education about marine science of OUC, the AFO’s newly-designed curriculum focuses on “strengthening foundations, emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches, aiming at the forefront of advancement in marine science and technology and promoting innovation”, thus forging a new education model for developing the leadership skills of the next generation scientists who are “well prepared with the  fundamentals of science, highly skilled in advanced science and technology, and deeply inspired to creative thinking”.

The Academy offers a study program of up to 6 years. It is expected that all admitted students will complete their doctoral training for 4 years after successfully passing a qualifying examination. English is the primary language in communications. International experts in teaching and research are invited to serve as cooperation mentors. Classroom instructions are combined with practical demonstrations to help students achieve a full appreciation of learning. Frequent scientific discussions provide a forum for students to define their research topics that are both scientifically challenging and socially relevant, thus achieving the integration of teaching and research.

Through continuous reform and exploration, it is envisaged that the academy will succeed in fostering in our students a passion for science, an inquisitive mind about the natural environment, and a desire to participate communicate and cooperate, as well as to work independently to put forward cutting-edge questions, solve new challenges in research marine science and technology and would struggle to climb to realize the marine power dreams for China.