Research Department of Marine Dynamic Process and Climate
Release date: 2019-05-04

Research Department of
Marine Dynamic Process and Climate .

Relying on the Physical Oceanography. MOE and the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, led by academicians, and gathering Yangtze River scholars, Thousand Talents Program members, outstanding youths as well as top-notch personnel such as Zhu feng Talent Program professors and secondary professors in OUC, the Research Department of Marine Dynamic Process and Climate is mainly committed to the development of a batch of key technologies on marine observation, detection and prediction, builds a western Pacific-the South China Sea-Indian Ocean observation network and prediction system, realizes the 'transparent ocean' strategy of triune observation, mechanism and prediction, serves major national needs, and solves important frontier science problems of marine multi-scale process evolution and its climate and resource effect.

The research department will long carry out research on change mechanisms of ocean circulation and the sea-air interaction process, develop a marine climate change prediction system, and provide support for China’s major needs to cope with climate change; through the performance of offshore dynamic process and material transportation, solve the problem of dynamic balance between the physical self-purification ability and environmental capacity in regional oceans; by developing the mechanism of marine dynamic environment evolution, especially in key sea areas, provide necessary theoretical basis and technical support for China to realize the security guarantee capability in key sea areas.