Research Department of Marine Ecosystem Environment
Release date: 2019-05-04

Research Department of
Marine Ecosystem Environment

This research department aims at the international frontier in the field of marine environment and ecological research, surroundsmarine biogeochemistry processes and its coupling mechanism with ecosystem evolution and combines with field investigation, laboratory assay determination, theoretical study and numerical simulation, in a bid to achieve the triuneresearch objective and task of observation, mechanism and predictionof material cycle in the transparent ocean plan,to improve the ability to recognize and predictthe marine material circulation process and the mechanism of the process driving ecological evolution,to support the development of other disciplines of ocean science, and to serve national and social needs.

The construction goal is, through 10 years of hard work, to establish an international first-class research team on the marine biogeochemical processes and ecosystem environmental evolution, so that the research level and scale in this direction can catch up with the University of Washington and draw near to the Scripps institution of oceanography in the United States.