Release date: 2019-05-06


The Institute for Advanced Ocean Study of Ocean University of China is a comprehensive marine scientific research and innovation entity established by the university's key sea-related laboratories and colleges. In the light of the organization mode of the National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (Qingdao), drawing lessons from comprehensive reform pilot experience of the Key Laboratory of Physical Oceanography. Moe. China and the Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology, Ministry of Education, the institute implements mechanism and system reform and resource sharing and integration, and builds highland of marine science and technology innovation as well as a training and gathering center of talents.

To support and serve the maritime power strategy, the innovation-driven development strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative and regional socio-economic development, the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study aims at exploring a modern system of scientific research geared to international first-class scientific research institutions and innovating the personnel training mode.

Focusing on national marine strategic needs and international marine science frontiers, it develops cutting-edge marine technologies, strengthens research fields integration and highlights fusion of basic sciences and high technologies, in a bid to promote the development of the emerging disciplines, cultivate high-level talents with innovation spirit and ability and promote the international influence and voice of the university in the field of ocean.

It will drive and lead the leapfrog development of China's marine science innovation, enhance its independent innovation capability and international competitiveness in marine science and technology, and become a driving force for the future development of its marine cause.

In accordance with the principle of "goal traction and task driving", the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study has established a research team and an engineering technical team. At present, there are three research departments of marine dynamic process and climate, marine ecosystem environment and submarine process and resources; three centers for research and development of ocean observation technology and equipment, ocean big data and analysis and testing; as well as high-end marine personnel training bases including the Academy of the Future Ocean.