WU Lixin
Release date: 2019-08-26

Prof. WU Lixin

Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS

Director, Qingdao National Laboratory of Marine Science and Technology, QNLM        

Vice President, Ocean University of China, OUC

Director and Chair Professor, Key Laboratory of Physical Oceanography, MOE, OUC

Mailing Address: 238 Songling RD, Qingdao, 266100, China

Phone/Fax: 86-532-667832471

E-mail: lxwu@ouc.edu.cn


  • 1994

PhD in Mechanics, Peking University, China

  • 1991

M.Sc in Mechanics, Peking University, China

  • 1988

B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

Professional Employment:

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  • 1998-2001

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  • 1994-1995

Vice President, Ocean University of China, China

Director, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, China

Director, OUC-WHOI Joint Center, China

Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China

Director, Qingdao Collaborative Innovation Center of Marine Science and Technology, China

Director, Center for Sino-German Cooperation in Marine Sciences, China

Director, Key Laboratory of Physical Oceanography, MOE, Ocean University of China, China

Chair Professor, Key Laboratory of Physical Oceanography, MOE, OUC, China

Associate Scientist, Center for Climatic Research, UW-Madison, USA

Assistant Scientist, Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison, USA

Research Associate, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, UW-Madison, USA

Postdoctoral Associate, Laboratory for Visualization and Reduced Modeling,

Rutgers University, NJ, USA

Research Interests

  • Dynamics of ocean general circulation

  • Ocean-atmosphere interaction and climate variability

  • Ocean turbulence and mixing

  • Modeling of global and regional climate system

  • Development of ocean observational instruments and system


  • Discovered global warming “hotspots” along all western boundary currents over the 20th century and their formation mechanisms;

  • Pioneered  the first successful Argo floats-based estimation to systematically  unravel seasonal characteristics and mechanisms of turbulent mixing in  the southern oceans;

  • Pioneered  the establishment of partial-coupling modelling framework to unravel  causative mechanisms of climate variability modes in earth system models

Publications (2016-2018)

Cai, W.*, G. Wang, B. Dewitte, L.-X.Wu*,  A. Santoso, K. Takahashi, Y. Yang, A. Carreric, and M. J. McPhaden,  2018: Increased variability of Eastern Pacific El Niño under greenhouse  warming. Nature, DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0776-9. 

Yang,  H., Qiu, B., Chang, P., L. -X. Wu, Wang, S., Chen, Z., and Yang, Y.,  2018: Decadal variability of eddy characteristics and energetics in the  Kuroshio Extension: Unstable versus stable states. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 123. doi.org/10.1029/2018JC014081. 

Jing,  Z.*, P. Chang, S. DiMarco and L. -X. Wu, 2018: Observed Energy Exchange  between Low-Frequency Flows and Internal Waves in the Gulf of Mexico, Journal of Physical Oceanography, 48, 995-1008.

Yang,  P., Z. Jing*, and L. -X. Wu, 2018: An Assessment of Representation of  Oceanic Mesoscale Eddy-Atmosphere Interaction in the Current Generation  of General Circulation Models and Reanalyses, Geophysical Research Letters, 45(21)11509-11512.

Cai W., G. Wang, B. Gan, L. -X. Wu,  A. Santoso, X. Lin, Z. Chen, F. Jia, T. Yamagata, 2018: Stabilised  frequency of extreme positive Indian Ocean Dipole under 1.5 °C warming,Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03789-6.

Wang, S., Z. Jing, H. Liu, and L. -X. Wu, 2018: Spatial and Seasonal Variations of Submesoscale Eddies in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, Journal of Physical Oceanography, 48,101-116.

Zhang,  L., B. Gan, L. -X. Wu, W. Cai and H. Ma, 2018: Seasonal Dependence of  Coupling between Storm Tracks and Sea Surface Temperature in the  Southern Hemisphere Midlatitudes: A Statistical Assessment. Journal of Climate, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-17-0196.1

CAI  W. -J., G.-J Wang,Santoso, A.,X. -P. Lin, L. -X. Wu, 2017:Definition of  extreme El Niño and its impact on projected increase in extreme El Niño  frequency. Geophysical Research Letters,44:11184-11190, doi:  10.1002/2017GL075635

Wang  G.-J, W. -J. Cai, B. -L. Gan, L. -X. Wu, Santoso, A., &X. -P. Lin,  et al., 2017: Continued increase of extreme El Niño frequency long after  1.5 °C warming stabilization. Nature Climate Change, 7(8), doi:  10.1038/nclimate3351

CAI  W. -J., K. Li, H. Liao, H. -J. Wang, and L. -X. Wu, 2017: Weather  Conditions Conducive to Beijing Severe Haze More Frequent under Climate  Change. Nature Climate Change, 7(4): 257–262, doi: 10.1038/NCLIMATE3249

Chen,  Z., B. -L. Gan, L. -X. Wu and F. Jia, 2017: Pacific-North American  teleconnection and North Pacific Oscillation: historical simulation  and future projection in CMIP5 models.Climate Dynamics, 16: 1-25, doi:  10.1007/s00382-017-3881-9

LUO  B. -H., D. -H. Luo, L. -X. Wu, Ian Simmonds, 2017: Atmospheric  circulation patterns which promote winter Arctic sea ice  decline, Environmental Research Letters, 12: 1-13, doi:  10.1088/1748-9326/aa69d0

YANG  H. -Y., L. -X. Wu, S. -T. Sun and Z. –H. Chen, 2017: Role of the South  China Sea in regulating the North Pacific Double-Gyre system. Journal of  Physical Oceanography, 47: 1555-1567, doi: 10.1175/JPO-D-16-0272.1

YANG  H. -Y., L. -X. Wu, S. -T. Sun and Z. –H. Chen, 2017: Selective response  of the South China Sea circulation to summer monsoon. Journal of  Physical Oceanography, 47: 1617-1635, doi: 10.1175/JPO-D-16-0288.1

Li,  R., Z. Jing, Z. –H. Chen, and L. -X. Wu , 2017: Response of the  Kuroshio Extensionpath state to near-term globalwarming in CMIP5  experiments withMIROC4h, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans,  122,2871–2883, doi:10.1002/2016JC012468

Duan,  J., Z. –H. Chen, and L. -X. Wu, 2017: Projected changes of the  low-latitudenorth-western Paci fic wind-drivencirculation under global  warming, Geophysical Research Letters, 44,  4976–4984,doi:10.1002/2017GL073355

Chen,  Z.,B. -L. Gan and L. -X. Wu, 2017: Response of the north pacific  oscillation to global warming in the models of the intergovernmental  panel on climate change fourth assessment report. Chinese Journal of  Oceanology & Limnology (C11), 1-11.

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LI  S. -J., L. -P. Zhang, and L. -X. Wu, 2017: Decadal potential  predictability of upper ocean heat content over the twentieth  century. Climate Dynamics, 49:3293-3307, doi 10.1007/s00382-016-3513-9

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JING  Z., L. -X. Wu, and X. -H. Ma, 2016: Energy Exchange between the  Mesoscale Oceanic Eddies and Wind-Forced Near-Inertial  Oscillations. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 47:721-733, doi:  10.1175/JPO-D-16-0214.1

JING  Z., L. -X. Wu, X. -H. Ma, and P. Chang, 2016: Overlooked Role of  Mesoscale Winds in Powering Ocean Diapycnal Mixing. Scientific Reports,  6:37180, doi: 10.1038/srep37180

LUO  D. -H., S. -H. Feng, and L. -X. Wu, 2016: The eddy-dipole mode  interaction and the decadal variability of the Kuroshio Extension  system. Ocean Dynamics, 66(10):1-6, doi: 10.1007/s10236-016-0991-6

MA  X.-H., Z. Jing, P. Chang, X. Liu, R. Montuoro, R. J. Small, F. O.  Bryan, R. J. Greatbatch, P. Brandt, D. -X. Wu, X.-P. Lin, and L.-X. Wu,  2016: Western Boundary Currents Regulated by Interaction Between Ocean  Eddies and the Atmosphere. Nature, doi:10.1038/nature 18640

Awards (2016-2018)

 2018 Recipient, Award Nomination for Distinguished Individual of Returned Oversea Chinese, China

 2017  Recipient, National Award for Innovation and Advance, Ministry of Human  Resources and Social Security, China Association for Science and  Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, State-owned Assets  Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China

Research GRANTS 


Project Type



Fund (million Yuan)

Inter-Sphere Interactions of the Earth System in the West Pacific Ocean



 WU Lixin

 200 mil

Physical Oceanography and Climate(II)*



16 mil (*with support from Shandong Provincial Govt.)

Deep Ocean Smart Float



 82 mil

"Two Oceans, One Sea" and Transparentizing the Oceans



30 mil