Analysis and Test Center

Analysis and Test Center has an independent and well-equipped lab with more than 300 square meters. Guided by the country’s major demand and technological support and service of research department, it is equipped with advanced equipment for marine chemistry, ecology and environment and primary set up large instrument labs such as Spectrum lab, mass spectrometry lab, gas lab and liquid lab. It has an experienced faculty in experiment teaching, lab management, instrument analysis, test and maintenance.

The Analysis and Test Center has performed a reform in its operating system. It has implemented hierarchical management, distributed responsibility to each people, carried out online reservation and charging system and realized sharing of large and precision instruments. These measures have ensured orderly operating and high-efficiency usage of the lab and the reliability of test results. The Analysis and Test Center has improved its R&D and provided service and support to research team. Meanwhile, it is also open to the whole society. Aiming at building a world-class testing and analysis center, it has provided large instrument test capability for the country’s science and technological development.