IAOS’s Face-to-face Communication with the academicians: Academician Wu Lixin
Release date: 2019-09-11

On August 30, 2019, Wu Lixin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice President of Ocean University of China, attended the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study’s activity of face-to-face communication with the academicians. There were cordial exchanges among Academician Wu Lixin and more than 70 young students and professors present. The event was presided over by Professor Chen Xianyao, who works in key laboratory of department of marine aerodynamic processes and climate research, department of physical and marine education of IAOS.

In the course of the activity, Academician Wu answered the students’ questions about conducting oneself, scientific research and how to overcome the difficulties with his personal experience. Academician Wu emphasized that, “Science is developing rapidly and the field of scientific research is expanding constantly. You have take courage to try and innovate, keep an open mind to communicate, be passionate and study hard. Especially when you are faced with choice and get confused, just believe in yourself and be firmly convinced that there are always more ways than difficulties, and there are always gains in making efforts. Learn to simplify complex problems, solve the main problem first and then one by one break”.

When the activity is drawing to a close, Academician Wu said to the young students that, “You would be faced with many choices in life. Once you made a choice, don’t give up easily and persist in striving for the realization of your own value in life. Especially when you combine personal development with the development of the laboratory, the school, and even the whole discipline and the country, you will find your path wider and wider”. Academician Wu also encouraged young students to exchange ideas with academicians, professors and young scientists, and hoped that the exchange activities held by the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study could become a new platform for ideological collision among young people and communication between teachers and students.


In the end, the student representative presented flowers to Academician Wu to congratulate him on winning the Ambassador Award of the American Geophysical Union. Academician Wu took a group photo with “lucky audience” randomly selected from the scene.